Insights Work, health and wellbeing Customer Case Study
17 March 2017

Work, health and wellbeing Customer Case Study

Dan Health and Welbeing

Single dad Dan was suffering from depression and dyslexia. He was referred to Seetec for an initial assessment and was identified as having several barriers to employment including lack of confidence and self-esteem, needing reasonable job adjustments due to his dyslexia and a lack of transport to get to work.

Dan signed consent that Seetec could work with a number of agencies to support his changing needs and to help him to progress. His keyworker ensured that everyone had a clear role to play, were accountability for their actions and that no organisation would duplicate on their support.


Unfortunately upon referral to Seetec, Dan had his house repossessed and subsequently, his mental health plummeted. Joint working with the Mental Health service enabled an outpatient appointment in Seetec’s centre meaning Dan could get the support he needed quickly.

Established links with the Local Authority Homelessness unit ensured that Seetec’s keyworker could facilitate a hostel place until a family property was found and Dan could be supported with a tenancy. As the mental health support tapered, Seetec’s keyworker referred Dan to SMILE; a group therapy for on-going mental health management.

Running concurrently, his keyworker engaged Dan in a self-esteem and confidence building course, boosted his employability skills with sessions on how to job search effectively, write cover letters to employers, answer interview questions and present himself to employers. 


Dan’s hard work paid off and he secured a job in a bakery. His Seetec keyworker, the Local Authority and Job Centre Plus all accessed funding to pay for his childcare. The Money Advice Service visited Dan at Seetec’s centre to help him understand his monetary position with his transition from benefits to work.


A Wellbeing Recovery Action Plan was put into place from the start and led by Dan. All agencies who were involved identified trigger points and actions to support a crisis. Early intervention has enabled work sustainment and avoidance of statutory services. Integrated working provided maximum opportunity for success due to support at key points.


JobPath Service Notice

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