Insights Life after Intervention: Che's Story
17 March 2017

Life after Intervention: Che's Story

Che Ireland

Che aged 46 is one of our clients from our first referral group in Dundalk. He had been unemployed for 8 years. During that period he had completed a Community Employment scheme, which ran for 2-3 years. He had obtained no permanent employment at the end of this scheme, but he did get a referee.

He attended his local Seetec centre for joint information session and met his Personal Career Adviser. Shortly after his initial meeting, Seetec cold called a local company who had a vacancy and was willing to consider applications. Che was one of two clients who were identified as matching the criteria set out by the company.


Seetec worked with Che to build his CV, which led to the employer arranging an interview with the client.  Che attended an interview and was contacted by the company five days later to be offered a full-time position.


Immediately following this offer, Che attended his Seetec centre to discuss his back to work plan. He was determined he did not require any financial support or assistance with work-wear etc. from Seetec as he was getting paid weekly. On the afternoon of Che commencing full-time employment, Seetec staff visited to ensure both parties were happy with the first day. Seetec staff followed up with Che regularly after this.


Che was extremely happy with his new position and had recently purchased a van to help him travel to work. Seetec continues to call Che to monitor his progress.

The owner and other employees within his business have all expressed how impressed they are with Che and the contribution he has made to their business in such a short time.